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Caring For Rubber Glass And Car Doors to Be More Durable

One part of Auto Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida is the car windshield. Very rarely do we pay attention to rubber car glass because it might look trivial. But for those who have never experienced Car Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida who dragged up and down eventually will not care about this part. Not only rubber glass but there are other parts close to the rubber door of the car, it is usually rare we most care to just wipe it while washing the car. The risk of damage to the rubber parts in the car is greater if you often park your car in direct sunlight, for example in the office or in a garage that is not roofed.

Avoid parking the car in direct sunlight

Although the name of rubber is life, the main disease is fragile. If it is fragile (inflexible) then the result is a rubber car door to break down and increase water entry. If fragile on a rubber glass car then usually the windshield becomes a good beret and certainly also increases the possibility of water seep through the gap between the rubber and glass. If brittle occurs on the rubber wiper then the wiper damper on the windshield becomes no longer clean.

From the damaged let’s keep the rubber car glass and rubber car door from now on, so we can extend the lifespan. The required equipment is enough compressor or vacuum cleaner, clean cloth, and Silicon Spray.
How to Take Care of Rubber Glass and Car Doors

The first thing we do is clean the glass. Use a damp cloth to remove dirt. Try looking in the fabric, if there is a black line, replace the dirty glass. It usually needs to be repeated several times. After that, clean the glass in the rubber, which comes into contact with the glass surface. Use a damp cloth with a pointed tip. If possible wear finger wrapped laps. Caution do not let the rubber just a little because later cannot stick with glass.

Car Rubber Doors Also Need Care

Then for the rubber that serves as the up and down path using the wind-pressurized spray from the compressor or use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. Use the tip of a sleek vacuum cleaner to suck through the glass. Do it repeatedly so that the dust is not left behind. As for the rubber car door, windshield and wiper rubber is quite wiped with a rather wet cloth.

Silicone Spray for rubber

If it is clean liquid silicone. What is meant by Silicone liquid Special spray for rubber, its function is to moisturize and lubricate rubber glass and car door. Not only on the surface, as it is specially designed for rubber, the liquid can seep into the rubber pore. Spray to the rubber parts of glass, doors, and wipers that have been cleaned. After spraying allows for some time to seep into the pores of the rubber and avoid rubber that is not exposed to water. Avoid rubber oils using oils or similar liquids made from petroleum because they will damage the rubber in the long run.

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