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Car Delivery And Inter-City Documents Or Islands

Do you have to move to a farther city or even another island? For various reasons, you need shipping a car across the country. Another similar issue, in buying a used car is not just a price issue.

But sometimes we look for a suitable car in terms of model and quality. Criteria that sometimes you find also outside the city or even outside the island.

Anyway, how to send your car that in fact, you can not drive because the distance is very far and across the ocean? The following reviews may be the solution for those of you who have the problem.
Prepare your Car

Empty your car from the personal property. It’s not unusual that a car can be likened to a second home so we like to put personal objects or other precious treasures. If a condition does not allow you to empty it, make sure there is a list of items in it and then insure.
Check all the fluids in the machine and check also if the batteries are in a safe position (no battery shake).
It is recommended that you provide fuel only as needed. The fuel is to process the way up and down the car to the carrier. The more fuel it will be the heavier also your car, so it will increase the cost of shipping your car as well.
Turn off all alarm systems. This is to facilitate the officer in the delivery process. Do not forget to hand over your car keys to the officer.

Process 1: Find Car Delivery Service Providers

This first step, you should find and examine the expedition companies in your city.

It will usually be easier to find in the port area. Make sure you choose a reputable expedition company, have a license, or have a car delivery specialization.

The way is quite simple, you can find out on the internet about this expedition service company.

Speaking of shipping to distant places certainly will not come off with insurance services. Make sure the freight forwarder you choose has been working with an insurance company as well.
Process 2: Determine Transportation Type

Know first what types of transportation will be offered for car shipping. In general, car shipping companies provide transportation such as container trucks (closed transport), towing trucks/car carrier trucks (open carriage).

Choose the type of transportation that suits your needs and funds.

Also, know what kind of services they offer as well. There are several types of services that are usually offered by the expedition companies, such as door to door, port to door, and port to port.

Explanation of home address and road access will help your car delivery process. For delivery service to the home, make sure also access road to your home can be passed by car transport truck.
Process 3: Complete Documents and Insurance

The next step after you have determined the shipping company and the service you want is to complete the documents (letters) and the type of insurance for your car protection during the delivery process.

The car that was being sent would require a letter from the police. No need to worry, for the management is not complicated enough, just make sure that your vehicle letter is not a problem.

This roadmap is to assist and protect shipping process by shipping companies in order to remain legal and protected by law.

Other completeness may form and letter of agreement on the seal as agreement and cooperation between you and the expedition company.

Do not forget to ensure your car. We do not know what will happen to your car during the delivery process.

So to anticipate the worst, ensure your car and do your own documentation related to the condition of your car before delivery is done. The documentation will help you to claim insurance if it is necessary later.
Process 4: Delivery

The next process is the delivery of your car. This delivery will take several days, depending on the distance of place and weather.

If delivery is made to the inter-island, then the weather will be very influential. Because using a boat, bad weather will usually take longer than usual.

The ship does not delay the departure (the company will delay delivery in extreme weather) it will only slow down the speed. Large waves with high speed traveled would be dangerous.

The process of sending a landline by truck will usually falter due to traffic congestion only. Other extreme conditions may be hampered by natural disasters, such as landslides or floods.

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